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Berrylicious is a juicy perfume, an elegant, pungent red fruit jus that melts in your mouth. 

It is a trembling excitement of red fruits resting on a voluptuous and delicate white rose note that makes the fruity part more rounded, creamy and soft. The base of vanilla absolute creates a warm atmosphere, which opens the mind to an accord of cream and red fruits, indelible in our memory, which takes us back to an innocent child's mouth savouring a juicy blackberry with sugary cream on top. 

It is a moment of joy, made up of small things, that breaks through our hearts for its purity and authenticity.

Juicy red fruits accompanied by vanilla cream and a sugary whipped cream base. It is not cloying, but extremely seductive and elegant. An olfactory drug that will have you asking for more, more and more. It's a passionate mood, it's a mood of intimate carefreeness that makes us feel like children again.

HEAD NOTES: Sweet orange, Lemon blossom

HEART NOTES: Red Fruit Accord, White Rose 

BASE NOTES: Vanilla 

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