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As a long time lover of fruity scents inspired by tropical adventures, Cocktails & Catamarans is held in high regard. When Roatan Ruins was created, we instantly knew that these fragrances were meant to go together. After many months of tweaking and getting the perfect proportions worked out, Coco Cocktails was born. We managed to create a new, exciting, and unique take on both of our best sellers. We married together the mouthwatering chocolate banana accord from Roatan Ruins with the legendary pina colada accord from Cocktails & Catamarans. Extra time was taken to preserve our favorite bits and pieces from each fragrance.

The fragrance opens up with a fresh blast of citrus and rum.  You can pick up the pineapple from the opening but after a few minutes, pineapple starts to shine. The heart is a balance of Lavender, Pineapple, and coconut. You’ll pick up a lot of Cocktails & Catamarans in the heart but with smoother and creamier texture, with an added green banana.  Musk coco, and whiskey notes  show themselves in the later heart phase, while growing in intensity as the fragrance drys down to a beautiful sweet skin scent.

Top: Citrus, Banana, Rum

Middle: Pinacolada, Violet, Cedarwood

Base: Coco, Musk, Whiskey, Amber

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