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Within the pages of “The shadow of the Sun” (Ébano in the Spanish version) by Ryszard Kapuściński, lies a tale of courage and exploration, a journey into the unknown that narrates the African significant historical moments of the 20th century, without losing sight of everyday details. It’s the remarkable journey of a Polish journalist who, on a limited budget, covered the vast majority of major historical events alone, delving deep into the heart of Africa and challenging stereotypes and commonplaces.

Our perfume, “Ebano”, captures the essence of this extraordinary adventure, where the author lived in the humblest of abodes, confronted deadly diseases, and faced incredible dangers, yet, he never lost his lucid journalistic perspective nor his ability to craft incredible narratives. This fragrance pays tribute to the courage and commitment of a man who ventured into the unknown to share extraordinary stories with us.

Olfative notes

The top notes of Pink Pepper, Red Fruits and Frankincense reflect the intensity and diversity of experiences across the continent, encompassing its spirituality and enigmatic beauty.

The heart notes of Cocoa, Praline and Myrrh immerse us in the depth of these tales, the darkness of African nights, and the stories shared around the fire, with direct and intense notes reminiscent of their origins.

The base notes of Vanilla, Styrax and Oak Wood provide a harmonious and sweet conclusion to this composition, much like a well-crafted ending to a story.

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