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The tale of Ernest Shackleton and his legendary expedition to the South Pole aboard the Endurance is a story of survival, bravery and resilience that has left an indelible mark on the history of polar exploration. Shackleton, a British adventurer, found himself trapped in the Antarctic ice after his ship, the Endurance, became stuck. What followed was an epic odyssey of survival in a harsh and desolate place.

“Endurance” captures the essence of this relentless fight for life at the edge of the world. In each fragrance, you can find the indomitable spirit of Shackleton and his crew, as well as the advertisement that recruited these brave men, as clear and sincere as it was mythical.

Olfative notes

The top notes of Grapefruit and Pineapple reflect the freshness and vitality that Shackleton and his men maintained even in the most challenging circumstances.

The heart notes of Lavender, Ginger and Monoi transport us to the vast white and blue expanse, where the Endurance crew persevered for months without faltering.

The base notes of Musk, Cedar and Gray Amber provide longevity and persistence, while also adding a marine and woody note that seeks to represent the ship trapped in the ice.

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