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So Vanilla, is a citrusy gourmand vanilla, at times fresh, but as soon as it is put on, it releases all its sensuality and warmth. 

"Standing at a pastry counter, you look at all the mignons on display and choose him, a shortcrust pastry base with thick, vanilla-scented cream with a mandarin wedge on top.

Your taste buds are already prepared to savour this delight. The real vanilla recipe: sweet and spicy at the same time. 

Lemon blossom and sweet orange accords at the top open this gourmand jus; in the heart, neroli takes its place with gingerbread that makes the scent crisp and dense; the base of patchouli and vanilla gives it, finally, a lasting, slightly oriental trail. 

This project is exclusive to Maison de Parfum, which has worked on the great quality of the raw materials together with a great Italian master perfumer. 

The style of the new pack, deliberately elegant, simple and refined, has been created by working on lights, marble and gold: a timeless classic with a timeless modern touch. 

HEAD NOTES: White orange, Lemon blossom

HEART NOTES: Gingerbread Accord, Neroli

BASE NOTES: Patchouli, Vanilla 

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