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Introducing Vanilla Azure, a captivating fragrance that celebrates confidence and sensuality. Designed with both men and women in mind, this scent is the perfect accessory for any date night or romantic encounter.

Experience the allure of Vanilla Azure as it entices your senses with its warm and inviting aroma. Imagine a sultry evening where a black slip elegantly slips off a woman's shoulder, or a powerful man adjusting his tie before sweeping his partner off their feet. It's a fragrance that exudes confidence and sexuality, drawing others in with just one whiff.

Discover the richness of Vanilla Azure as it unfolds on your skin. The scent opens with a captivating suede-like leather note, which is perfectly balanced by the sweetness of marshmallow, toffee, and vanilla. Delight in the subtle nuttiness of toasted tonka bean, complemented by creamy ylang and hints of coconut. It's an exquisite blend that lingers on your skin, leaving a lasting impression.

  • Confident and alluring scent
  • Unisex fragrance suitable for both men and women

Add a touch of sophistication to your style with Vanilla Azure. Embrace your sensuality and embrace the ultimate date night scent. Designed for those who crave a grown-up, semi-gourmand fragrance experience, Vanilla Azure is a must-have in any perfume collection. Indulge yourself in its warmth, and let the captivating scent transport you to an evening of romance and desire.

Top Notes
Vanilla Marshmallow Milk Coconut Toffee

Heart Notes
Agarwood (Oud) Praline ylang-ylang Dates Musk Myrrh Mahonial Rum Tuberose

Base Notes
Leather Tonka Bean Mahogany Nutmeg Benzoin Cinnamon


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